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Need help optimizing your computer?  Upgrading your software?

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning?

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Wix Brand
Our design team is ready to build a website that fits your business and your vision.  As an authorized Wix Designer and licensed to use their software we are able to provide the most up to date apps available for templated websites.  Such as e-commerce, reservations, intereactive photogalleries, and much more.  
Over 50% of the troubleshooting calls we answer are due to dust and grime deposits on fans and internal components.  Causing the fans to work harder.  Producing more heat.  Resulting in corrupted files or malfunction.  Servicing desktops, laptops, Apple, printers, and any other devices that is electromagnetic.

iIf you are having an issue with your computer speed, internet connection, blue screens, or error messages.  Please contact us to optimize your system, overhaul your modem / router, and investigate errors of any form from any software.  We work with all major email hosts and specialize in Google Applications and Extensions.  

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Optimize your computer

Optimize your computer

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