Patrick M. Johnston, CHA

Spending most of my 20 year career as a hotelier in the ski resort industry.  Previledged to be part of SLOC/Host Family Hotel during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Employed by hotels who some are ranked to be the best in the world and synonomous with 5 Star Service; Little & Grand America, University of Utah Guesthouse & Conference Center, and The Promontory Club in Park City.  At each property I was the "IT guy" ensuring that all of our systems were running as expected without concern of failure.  Systems were required to exhannge email, network documents amongst groups of staff, optimized for each individual, generating revenues, comprising analytic information to better direct sales efforts.  


As the Associate Director/General Manager I was took a 3-star "focus serviced" hotel to be the #1 our of 74 hotels in Salt Lake City.  Continued to hold that ranking for the five years being employed by the University of Utah.   I was part of the implimentation staff when undergoing a property management software upgrade that was interconnected with other systems such as P.O.S., sales networking, drive mapping, and training.  Also, being proficient in all Microsoft software and able to educate staff to be efficient in their daily work practices,  Goal being to optimize their productivity by keeping their computers for updated, clean, and secure.  



Employed by The Promontory Club, located just outside Park City, Utah as the Director of Lodging & Facilities.  Home to the #1 & #2 golf courses in Utah, nationally ranked equistrian center, private salt water ocean and beach in the desert, and many other luxurious amenties.  Responsible for networking departments that were scattered over 6,400 acres of remote conservancy and private lands with various facilities scattered depending on functionality.  Integrating digital grounds maintenance systems with a productivity software to enable up to date file sharing so that the most current conditions were reported correctly and consistentlly.  



As a single full time father there was a time when following my passion for work was overshadowed by my zest for parenting.  I transitioned into a business tech position for Xfinity.  Learning the indepth and complicated world of a utility company responsible for providing the same services to millions of people on a street grid that is greatly needing a infrastructure upgrade.  Provisioning equipment such as modems and routers while networking companies employees to enable telephones and internet to their work stations.  Certified Pole Climber with the ability to free climb/gaff without hitching belt utility poles who no one wanted to climb for repairs.   


The most common complaint is that the computer is slower than it has been before.  We use a 3 point trouble shooting plan that can break down the issue to either the wifi connection, the hardware/firmware, or the software.  Systematically ruling out issues with updates or older equipment we are able to deduct and possibly fix your IT challenges.  


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