Tolovana Tech offers a wide range of support to you.  We are comfortable representing you or your business as a liason with utility companies, manufacturers, or services companies such as email hosts, website hosts, ISP's, and software developers.  We speak the lingo so that you don't have to.  


Please ask your technician about our low cost service agreeement that puts a technician on site monthly.


Our trained technicians are able to replace most hardware components such as graphics cards, fans, hard drives, expansion drives, power converters, and memory sticks.  Experienced with all major computer and printer manufacturers.  


We can salvage data off of hard drives and relocate data on to a new computer or store is on a external memory device.


Routine software and security updates can be suspicious or in need of a technician to most efficiently install and manipulate needed software.  We offer upgrades for Mac OS and Windows OS.  Firmware upgrades checking for devices such as routers, printers, and modems.  


Using TeamViewer software we can safely and securely remote access your computer with your authorization to perform needed tasks.


Having the ability to access shared files and devices can be crucial in an office or even a residence now that all staff and family members have 1-3 devices.  Connecting devices through the router virelessly and allowing specific documents available as a share.  With or without security enabled.  


The Coastal Clean is a bi-annual practice sure to extend the life of your computer and/or printer.  Using the newest tools available combined with an environmentally safe cleaning regiment we can remove dust and grime from inside your computer safely and without leaving residue.  


Whether you have a sound board, printer, or cell phone it will need to have it's internal components cleaned.  Cleaning wiill improve image quality, over all functionality, and it will extend the life of your device.  All electro-magnetic devices like modems and routers attract dust due to the fans brining in fresh air.  


We are able to diagnose your IT challenges in under and hour.  Most times we are able to also make needed repairs to increase the functionality of your device, network, internet connection, and overall system improvements.  

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